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Discussing "The Needle's Secret" with Marc Girardot


"The Needle’s Secret" is Marc Girardot’s debut book. Living in Paris, France, he is a father of four and an experienced business executive with an MBA from INSEAD. His career includes advising senior executives, particularly in the automotive industry and on biotechnology strategies for a pharmaceutical company.

During the Covid crisis, Girardot became a proponent of proportionate measures and natural immunity, joining the organization PANDA to offer scientific advice. His 2021 article questioning the necessity of vaccines for Covid-recovered individuals garnered significant attention, earning accolades and endorsement from Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt.

Marc Girardot's main findings on vaccines are as follows:

  • Accidental IV Injections: All vaccine accidents are caused by inadvertent intravenous (IV) injections, which are inevitable with intramuscular injections.

  • Intramuscular Injection Flaws: These injections have a long-standing design flaw, especially evident during large vaccination campaigns (e.g., 1976 swine flu, Gulf War, 1998 anthrax, 2016 dengue).

  • Impact of IV Injections: IV injections bypass natural protections, sending a high-density cloud of vaccine particles (a "Bolus") that can cause significant immune-mediated damage in the cardiovascular system and organs, and potentially damage stem cells, leading to cancer or genetic disorders.

  • Cancer Theory: Proposes a new theory of cancer based on stem cells being the origin, supported by studies.

  • Testing the Bolus Theory: Suggests using odds ratios to compare sick populations with the general public, noting correlations between conditions like autism and other diseases (e.g., Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, hearing/vision impairment, congenital heart disease, Celiac, obesity, cancer, genetic disorders).

  • Vaccines and Modern Illnesses: Asserts that all vaccines harm similarly and are likely behind the rise in modern illnesses over the past 40 years (excluding traditional flu vaccines).

  • Stem Cell Therapy: Promotes the potential of oxygen and other stem cell therapies (HBOT, NBOT, possibly ozone) to repair endothelial damage and revascularize damaged areas as a solution for many modern illnesses.

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