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People's Vaccine Inquiry: Unveiling Hidden Harms & Censored Facts

My interview with Dr Clare Craig, expert witness & contributor

Dr Clare Craig is a diagnostic pathologist. She practised in the NHS for 15 years, becoming a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. 

Since January 2021 she has co-chaired Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) with Dr Jonathan Engler. This is a multi-disciplinary body of experts who have provided an independent source of information on covid issues. 

Dr Craig is one of the group of experts who were called to submit Witness Statements in the Covid-19 Public Inquiry – Module 4 on Vaccines. The Inquiry has postponed Module 4 until January 2025 (to start with, it was postponed indefinitely) with only 3 weeks alloted to watered down issues such as “unequal vaccine uptake.”

Dr Craig calls the Covid Public Inquiry “a farce which is just eating through money. What it becomes is a years long excuse for not addressing the problems in the political forums. They just hand wave and say, oh, that's good, that's going on over there. We don't need to think about it because they are, which is ridiculous because they're not.”

The delays and flaws of the Covid Public Inquiry galvanized the expert group to do it themselves. In reference to the genesis of the People’s Vaccine Inquiry, the pathologist shared:

“We thought let's do it and get it out to the public as soon as possible. So that's what we've done. We've kind of come together along with a few other people who have important evidence to give, to present the core important facts for the public to hear.”

During the in-depth interview an extensive range of issues were discussed:

  • Covid vaccines being associated with a huge rise in illness and deaths.

  • The lack of post-mortems (autopsies) being done

  • The lack of transparent data

  • The Midazolam scandal and DNRs in care homes and hospitals

  • No protection from the vaccines when there’s a new variant

  • Excess deaths observed around the world

  • DNA and SV40 contamination of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and the risk of cancer

Visit the People’s Vaccine Inquiry and take action!

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