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True Horrors of Covid Vaccine Harm Data NOW Exposed!


My bombshell interview with data expert and ethical computer hacker, Wouter Aukema from the Netherlands, exposes the true horrors of the trove of data buried within the European Medicines Agency’s EudraVigilance case safety reporting system- like never before!

Wouter Aukema, a data forensics analyst with over 30 years experience, teamed up with a software expert to develop a tool where they were able to download ALL 15 million case safety reports over the past 20 years, for 6000 medicinal drug products and substances (within and outside of Europe) including the Covid-19 experimental shots.

Up until now, the only way the scientific community had been able to analyse side effects of a specific drug was by using the highly cumbersome and opaque interface of the EMA’s database system. In the video interview, Aukema demonstrated the many problems with the system and explained:

If I would want to understand the history of all side effects for this particular drug, I need to repeat this action five times for one drug. If I want to go back to 2018, I need to do that seven times for one drug. Mind you, seven times, 6,000 different drugs and substances. That's 42,000 times that I need to click on buttons, download files. This is undoable. Nobody can do this.

However, thanks to Aukema and his colleague’s unique tool, the public can see for the first time the true extent of the carnage caused by the Covid-19 shots.

With colour coded visual graphs and diagrams, the damning data is presented for the very first time in such an unequivocally transparent way- in stark contrast to the EMA’s nebulous system-leading one to think that obscuring the reports of the Covid vaccine side effects and indeed, for other drugs, was perhaps, intentional.

Aukema’s dashboard of data shockingly showcased a three fold increase in case safety reports for the Covid-19 vaccines (at the start of the rollout) compared to all the other drug products and substances- over the past 20 years! (The blue graph line represents the number of case safety reports for the Covid-19 vaccines. The orange graph line is for the other 6000 drug products and substances.)

Aukema went on to reveal:

What is the most reported side effect reported for all the COVID vaccines?

I was flabbergasted by this. It is COVID itself..But I thought the COVID vaccines were going to prevent COVID.”

The diagram below depicts the reaction, “Covid-19” as the largest blue bubble.

(In early 2022, I wrote the Substack piece, “Was Pfizer's 95% vaccine efficacy fraudulent all along?” It drew quite a bit of attention from the mainstream media evidenced by their string of targeted attack pieces against my article. In my piece, I calculated that the vaccine efficacy of the Pfizer/BNT vaccine was more in the realm of 12% not 95%, based on Pfizer’s own data provided in a FDA briefing document from December 2020, which I sourced from the FDA’s website.)

It has become increasingly apparent, evidenced by the loud signal coming from the EudraVigilance database revealing Covid-19 as the most reported side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines- that my earlier calculation was not too off the mark.

Aukema disclosed more bombshell findings from the data (this time for all other drugs, not including the Covid vaccines)- the sudden explosion starting from January 2023 onwards of case safety reports for 2 specific drugs.

  1. Keytruda, a cancer drug mainly used in adults for cancers that are advanced, have spread or returned, are not responding to other treatments or cannot be removed by surgery.

  2. Inflectra, an anti-inflammatory medicine to treat diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. It is usually used when other medicines or treatments have failed.

What could have caused such a sudden demand (hence increase in reporting of side effects) for a cancer drug and a medicine for chronic inflammation from the start of January 2023? Could there be a link between the increase in use for these drugs to treat certain side effects of the Covid vaccines?

During the interview, Aukema highlighted another critical finding-Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) was one of the top reported cardiac disorders following Covid vaccination. The data expert made a point of stating how pericarditis and myocarditis were listed as known side effects in the packaging inserts of the Covid vaccines but myocardial infarction was surprisingly absent.

Behind each case saftey report lies a person suffering from a side effect, which for some could be life-altering. It was an honour to have Anne Merel Kloosterman on the zoom call. She is the representative for the Covid vaccine injured for the Netherlands. Anne suffered from debilitating paralysis and a whole host of other problems, after her second dose of the Moderna vaccine, which she took after fearing it would become mandated by the universities.

She shared an important point, when the subject of excess deaths was referenced.

In the Netherlands they covered up the excess mortality data with privacy legislation, thanks to the amendment law of January 1st 2020, regarding access to medical records for next of kin.

They made it legally impossible to retrieve these data and because of privacy legislation you may only perform pathological examinations of the deceased if a crime is likely have been committed or if the declaration has been signed. If the deceased did not sign the declaration as a living person, the official cause of death will remain private.

In addition, there was also a redefinition of the status “vaccinated”. It takes 14 days for Moderna, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca and even 28 days for Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), before a person is defined as vaccinated, so if you die within that certain period of time the deceased will be recorded as unvaccinated.

Anne went on to describe what she has experienced as a result of speaking out about Covid vaccine injuries- the shameless shutting down of her Instagram and Linked In social media accounts.

She also made the poignant comment how the vaccine injured have been gas-lit from both sides: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

For anyone wanting access to the dashboard and collection tool, created by Wouter Aukema and his colleague- the following information has been taken from Aukema’s post on X.

Python script to collect all cases from EMA: (developed with Twan from

Example Dashboard, populated with data up to march-2023: 14d trial version of Tableau:

A special thanks to Andrew Bridgen who alerted me to Wouter Aukema’s work.

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