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going to listen to this tomorrow on my walk. But I already know it will by dynamite as you are both absolute legends and brave women!!

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Excellent interview. Clare Craig has been an outstanding voice during the covid era and I am very grateful for the grounded information & knowledge that she has imparted. Thank you both.

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Moderna's Patented virus #CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG patented 2013: DARPA has openly bragged on Twitter that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine technology, and by extension Moderna’s Covid vaccine, was a product of their ADEPT program

So why do I have a PDF Contracting with Pfizer to deliver their vaccine for

DOD-ATI-Pfizer-Technical-Direction-Letter-OTA-W15QKN-16-9-1002-21July2020 (7.86mb)

The Department Of The Army US Army Contracting Command – New Jersey Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000 for a Large Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Demonstration (Pfizer, Inc) for the total approved cost to the Government for $1,950,097,500.00 if the virus “Just” escaped from a BioLab?

Provide me with an eMail address and I’ll send a copy to you

Covid mRNA Shots Are NOT Vaccines, Appeals Court Rules


Legal Precedent June 7, 2024 for U.S. Citizens to Deny Medical Treatment.

“forced medical treatment” , “safe and effective for what?”

“JUST IN – Dr. Francis Boyle, the Harvard educated law professor that drafted the Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act of 1989, Provides Affidavit that COVID 19 mRNA injections are Biological Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dr. Boyle stated that the COVID-19 injections violate Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175 and Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla. Stat. (2023).

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Vaccine injuries...those could go back to the 1950's or even go back 200 years ago.

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🙏 Dr Craig. You may be interested in Professor Ian Brighthope’s relevant post today, on the mandates, the coercion - and battery: https://open.substack.com/pub/ianbrighthope/p/battery-the-injection-of-the-gmo?r=20pd6j&utm_medium=ios

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Trump's Secret, US Army Vaccine Delivery, Pfizer Contract


Why would the US Army purchase and supply Covid vaccines for a "WHO Medical emergency", if it were not a "WHO US Army, Military Operation," instead,for $1,950,097,500.00

What was the sum paid, translated into words, as my educational ability does not stretch that far - but the US Army apparently, supplied the World, as well as "just America".

You will find Operation Warp Speed mentioned in that contract, in the 3rd paragraph down

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